February 2021
Titel: We The Prisoners of Technocracy

December 2017
This powerfull painting is named: The power of root – for the best and for the worst.


September 2017
This new painting is called: The in between

February 2016

Some of my paintings are used in this lovely videoclip by Dutch composer and musician Clemens Krijger

December 2015
The 7 Capital Sins

All our sins are traceable to these seven roots, the Seven Capital Sins.

These seven sources of sin have been compared to diseases that affect the body.

  1. Pride is a spiritual cancer that eats and consumes the vital life.
  2. Covetousness is like spiritual consumption or tuberculosis, wasting away the soul’s inner powers.
  3. Lust is a spiritual leprosy.
  4. Anger is a delirious fever.
  5. Envy is spiritual blood-poisoning.
  6. Gluttony leads to a sleeping-sickness that may end in death.
  7. Sloth is like a paralysis of the soul that hinders its progress and causes neglect of the means of grace, indifference, and even final impenitence. It is pride and sloth that are the parents of final impenitence.

True understanding of the nature and effects of the Capitals Sins is the first step in combating them. Let us take up arms now and go to the battle! We will be what we will to be!


My painting: The seven sins