The Hummelists by Lisbeth Hummel
Lisbeth has her very own distinctive style and philosophical approach to her art and the central theme is her Hummelists. The tree which grows and raises from its gnarled root system is the main pillar in Lisbeth’s artistic expression. Her Hummelists are born as rootlike beings which symbolically grows into human forms.
With her fine technical skills and her specially developed technique Lisbeth interprets through her ​​pictures this long journey from gnarled rootlike unconscious state of mind to harmony of deeper consciousness. Several paintings are associated with a poem, as her trilogy.

In order to understand her universe, Lisbeth has created the trilogy of the pictures of (1 x 3 m), which illustrates the  entire hummelistic philosophy, starting from cosmos to cell stage and further on to mankind. The trilogy is supported by an explanatory poem and together they form the approach to the entire artwork.
The trilogy is created within a period of 17 years, and curiously in the reverse order.

Curriculum Vitae
After ending the study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Odense, Lisbeth Hummel continued at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen with sculptor Henry Lockow – Nielsen. At the same time, she studied philosophy at the University of Copenhagen. After two years she left Denmark and moved to Paris, where she attended the Croquis School: Saint Germain des Prés and the drama school Ecole d’Art Dramatique: Francois Florent. Lisbeth later settled near Rome, where she lived and worked for 25 years. Here she had her own painting school. Her work ranges from graphic, painting, drawing and collage to poetry.

Academy of Fine Arts in Odense
Academy of Fine Arts in Frederiksberg
University of Copenhagen: Philosophy
Croquis School: Saint Germain des Près, Paris
Dramatic: Ecole d’Art Dramatique, Paris

Awards and honors
The Vatican Artgrant Pio XII
Fondazione Catel 1994, 1999, 2003

Selected exhibitions
Piazza Navona – Rome
Palazzo Avignonesi – Montepulciano